Hey everyone! Thanks for coming to our web page. To tell you a little about us, 88.5 is a student run radio station. It's a class that is held at YV-TECH that anyone in high school, college, or the GED program is allowed to take. When taking the class you can learn how to make a psa, which are the commercials that the students produce themselves, or you can be a D.J. You can catch the morning shows from 9-12 with Don Wan Magana and Kyss and from 12-3 with $yco. You can learn the background of music and the technology used to create all the noise you hear or even get help in producing your own music. If you love music, ever thought of a career as the one announcing the music, or making the music maybe you should check out YV-Tech you can get more ways on how to contact us by pressing our contact button above or simply visiting our YV-Tech office at 1116 S. 15th avenue.

We hope that you enjoy our station and our page, keep visiting our page to check up on the new updates and everything that's going on. We appreciate your listening to our station and sticking with us.

Thank you form everyone here at 88.5 Yakima's Alternative Station The Edge!